Luca Veritti

Executive Chef

Met Restaurant

Venice, IT

Born in Friuli, Italy in 1979, Chef Luca Veritti began his life journey training to be an accountant. That was before he visited a restaurant kitchen, an experience that changed his life and set him on the culinary path where, as he describes it, “ingredients transformed into the words of a story, foods transformed into colors and compositions of creativity.”

Working his way up through the ranks and supporting famous chefs, Veritti was Chef de Partie at the Ristorante Gualtiero Marchesi (two Michelin stars) and the Ristorante Da Vittorio (three Michelin stars) before moving to Venice and winning a Michelin star for himself.

Versatile and creative, he elaborated on traditions and styles, and ushered in the currents which flowed from all over the world. Behind the scenes at the Hotel Metropole’s Met Restaurant, he began developing his own personal philosophy of food, bringing out his preferences, channeling the memories of his land and – gastronomically speaking – asserting his convictions. “Italian cuisine is the best of all. It is the richest in history and tradition, but at the same time it is also the most resourceful – the same recipe can have a thousand nuances in the space of just 10 kilometres.” From this, he developed a new culinary concept that he calls Tracontemporary cuisine that honors tradition with an eye to contemporaneity, expressing them both in colorful, unexpected geometric forms. The result, he says, relates in two different styles, a message in two languages that invites the diner to choose which of the two they want to hear.