Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy tickets for the next festival?

Way to go for staying on top of it! Tickets go on sale the first week of October. We will announce the exact date and time both on the web site and through email the last week of September. Sign up here to receive festival updates. The festival has become quite popular and many programs sell out within 24-48 hours so be sure to set a reminder in your calendar! Returning guests are offered an advance purchase opportunity a few days prior through email notification.

Can I get special rates with the Westing Verasa Hotel for the festival?

Yes! We have a block of rooms at the Westin Verasa Napa at a special low rate for festival guests. Please visit the Contact page and follow the link to book a room before Dec 1 to receive this special rate.

I’ve never tasted a truffle, what would be the best program(s) for me?

Everything! Seriously, all Saturday and Sunday programs are over the top when it comes to experiencing and tasting truffles for the first time. Skip the Friday activities – those are mainly for truffle growers. If your time is limited, the Dig Truffles? program is a revelatory, all-inclusive, interactive truffle spree that will give you an opportunity to explore and learn firsthand about the flavors, gastronomy, history and mystery of truffles – all within two hours! You also won’t want to miss the Truffle Marketplace. Admission is free, and you’ll find unique treats like truffle pizza, truffle ice cream, truffle cheese, truffle mac and cheese, truffle pasta, truffle risotto and other festival foods with truffles – the list goes on! Did we mention admission is free? You can pet the truffle dogs there too!

I love truffles, what would be the best program(s) for me?

Everything! Well, almost – the whole festival is designed around the best truffle cuisine, but you might skip the Friday activities – those are mainly for truffle growers. If you love truffles, you’re in for a unique and special treat throughout the festival long weekend. Bear in mind that the Truffles & Wine Dinner, the Winery Truffle Lunch and the Dig Truffles? Experience are exceptionally popular and have historically sold out within 24-48 hours.

If I only have one day, what should I do?

That’s a tough choice! If you want to grow truffles, then you’d definitely want to come to the Scientific Truffle Grower Seminar on Friday, which is a whole entire day of “truffle cultivation 101” plus an exciting visit to an operating truffle orchard, complete with a truffle dog training demonstration. If you are a foodie, then your best bet would probably be Saturday. Between the Dig Truffles? Experience (which includes a Winery Truffle Lunch) and the Truffles & Wine Dinner, you will be in truffle heaven… and then some!

I’m only interested in growing truffles and not the food, what should I do?

We have just the program for you! The Scientific Truffle Grower Seminar is designed specifically for you. It is a whole entire day of truffle cultivation 101 plus an exciting visit to an operating truffle orchard, complete with a truffle dog training demonstration. We don’t want you to go hungry, so a buffet lunch is included.

What is your ticket refund policy?

Tickets are fully refundable up until 5pm PT, 30 days before the date of your event. After that, tickets become nonrefundable. If we have a waitlist for your ticketed event AND can resell your ticket, we will refund your ticket on a case-by-case basis. If your ticket cannot be resold and you cannot make it to your ticketed event, you will receive a 70% credit applied toward the next festival but no cash refunds.

Can I buy a truffle at the festival? And can I travel with it?

You bet! Absolutely! We will make available to you the same high quality, fresh black truffles that we carefully select for use at the festival – the same ones prized and used by our Michelin star chefs. These truffles for sale are available throughout the festival and we’ll even pack them in an insulated cold pack that you can travel with and reuse! Truffle recipe is included!

Is there a minimum age limit? What about bringing my kids?

Definitely get your kids hooked on truffles early! The best programs to bring your kids would be the Mushroom Foray or the Truffle Marketplace. These can all be highly educational and fun for kids. The other programs involve lots of wine and fine dining so many kids would get bored – for those programs we request 21+.

Do NTF activities take place rain or shine?

Definitely! All activities will take place rain or shine, except if there is a freak severe storm that makes it unsafe to be outside. In that case alternative dates or refunds will be offered.

What should I wear?

For all programs involving outdoor activities, wear sensible and comfortable shoes and outfit you don’t mind potentially getting dirty – sometimes the ground can be muddy. Dress casual for indoor programs, although many guests dress business casual for the Winery Truffle Lunches. The Truffles & Wine Dinner is your chance to shine and most guests wear evening attire.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

This is truly a wine and food event. Michelin star/master chefs are brought in from around the world to create extraordinary truffle dishes paired with some of the world’s finest wines. To properly ensure everyone’s comfort and safety we cannot honor all dietary restrictions. We respect serious allergies and we will make every effort to accommodate those on a limited basis as long as we know about those medically-necessary restrictions at least two weeks in advance. This does not guarantee full participation in all courses which are dependent on the menu choices of the chefs, nor replacement of omitted ingredients or items. If you are looking to enjoy the gastronomic delights with exceptions, please join us at the Monday Marketplace, which offers free admission and a choice of over 15 different culinary options à la carte with a variety of ingredients that can satisfy a multitude of diets. Bon appétit!

I have a dog being trained to hunt for truffles, can I bring him to the Orchard Tour?

To maintain the focus of the truffle dogs who will be demonstrating how they find truffles, we ask for you to leave your furry friends at home.

Does wine have a big presence at the festival?

YES! After all, we are in Napa! All culinary programs throughout the weekend include prominent wine components either as tastings or pairings.

I'm on a limited budget, how can I experience the festival?

Fear not! We have programs for all budgets! The Mushroom Forays are a budget-friendly way to experience the magic of mushrooms. If you’d like to try truffles, All About Truffles would be a fun and affordable way to learn about them and savor truffle bites, paired with wine tasting. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss the Truffle Marketplace, which has free admission! Best of all, you can buy a fresh black truffle to try at home quite affordably throughout the festival!

This is my first time, what can I expect?

You are not the only one! This will be a food and wine festival you won’t forget – as our many returning guests will tell you. Whether you are a truffle virgin wondering what truffles taste like, or a truffle connoisseur who already know the dirty secrets behind truffle salt and truffle oil, you will be our honored guest and can expect a first-class truffle experience. There will be plenty of opportunities to taste, smell, experience and learn about truffles from the world’s most renowned chefs, experts and scientists, complemented by exquisite Napa wines.

I have limited mobility, can I still join?

Absolutely! There are many activities you can take part! All of our indoor programs are mobility friendly, though the Truffle Marketplace is usually quite crowded. However, most of the outdoor programs involve walking on uneven terrains with little or no accommodation for mobility.