Giulio Gigli

Executive Chef & Owner

Ristorante UNE

Capodacqua, Umbria, Italy

Chef Giulio started cooking when he was very young, helping his mother Roberta at home. Over time, cooking has evolved from the household duty of a child to the passion of a professional. After graduating from Assisi’s culinary school, Chef Giulio trained through the kitchens of some of the best and most renowned restaurants in the world. These included Anthony Genovese’s il Pagliaccio (2 Michelin stars) in Rome, Yannick Alléno’s Le 1947 (3 Michelin stars) in France, Benu (3 Michelin stars) in San Francisco, with Giulio becoming responsible for creativity at Disfrutar (2 Michelin stars and #3 among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants) in Barcelona.

Bringing his training in Italian, French and Spanish cuisine into focus, Chef Giulio opened his own restaurant, UNE, in August 2021. For Giulio, being a chef is first a cultural act: His native Umbria can be told (and shared) through what he learned from experiences abroad, research on cooking techniques and the value of inherited memory. Located in an old olive oil mill in the small town of Capodacqua, UNE conveys quintessential Umbria and is just a few kilometers away from Foligno, where Giulio was born and raised.