Alana McGee

Founder, CPDT-KA

Truffle Dog Company

Alana McGee is the lead consultant and founder of Truffle Dog Company. Alana’s expertise is canine scent detection training specifically for the domestic truffle industry as well as harvesting practices and commercialization for truffle orchards. She holds an MBA from the University of Washington and is certified by the internationally recognized Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers–the gold standard of dog training certifications, which affords her the latest scientific knowledge related to dog training and professional excellence in the industry.

Alana is one of the driving forces behind the emergence of using dogs to harvest truffles in the Pacific Northwest and for establishing the culinary marketplace for wild domestic truffles. Alana and her work have been featured in The Economist, Forbes, CNN, Marketplace, Vice Media and more. The premier consultant for truffle dogs in North America, she trains some of the only professional truffle dog teams in the US, and those interested in recreational truffle hunting. She continues to be passionately involved with developing the domestic Truffle Industry in the United States, assisting truffle growers in the harvest process.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Alana is a foodie at heart and is a strong proponent of forest to fork and farm to table sustainability practices. During the winter she can be found teaching seminars and truffle dog training workshops, searching for Tuber melanosporum in truffle orchards along the West Coast, or out in the woods taking guests on a truffle adventure.

For more information about truffle dog training classes and workshops, adventuring into the woods for a truffle hunt in the Pacific Northwest, or hiring a truffle dog to survey your orchard, please visit Truffle Dog Company.