Truffle Lunch at Davis Estates

January 17, 2017 /

Davis EstatesDavis Estates’ new tasting room sits atop the wine caves

One of Napa’s newest wineries provided the rustic yet luxurious setting for a truffle-filled lunch prepared by renowned Dallas chef Dean Fearing on Sunday, January 15. Vintners Mike and Sandy Davis welcomed Napa Valley Truffle Festival participants to their recently opened Davis Estates, a property nestled against a hill south of Calistoga.

Before sitting down to lunch in the rebuilt 100-year-old barn, guests first enjoyed a tour of the property, including a visit to a hidden tasting room opened by a high-tech entry system that responds only to Mike’s hand. In addition, they were treated to an amusing cooking demonstration by Fearing and introduced by CBS Foodie Chap Liam Mayclem in the open display kitchen of the winery’s stunning new tasting room building.

Dean Fearing’s lobster/black truffle tacoDean Fearing’s lobster/black truffle taco

“This is the first time in history for this dish” (a lobster/black truffle taco), Fearing announced during the deomonstration, as he added an extravagant portion of truffle to the sauteed lobster for the filling. “I couldn’t afford to serve this at my restaurant,” he said. “It would be a $99 taco.”

The taco, which later appeared as the third course of the luncheon, married the lobster and truffle with pepper jack cheese in an unexpected and delectable combination.

Dean Fearing's chicken posole with trufflesDean Fearing’s chicken posole with truffles

The other three courses served at the luncheon – bacon-wrapped jalapeño quail with a truffle-specked ranch dressing, smoked chicken posole with roasted poblano and a shower of shaved truffles, and a mini fried apple pie for dessert – also deliciously displayed Fearing’s fearless Texas-style approach to flavor.

Each course was paired with one of the Davis Estates wines, including viognier, pinot noir, cabernet, and a late-harvest cabernet franc, enhancing the culinary experience. Winemaker Cary Gott introduced the wines.

Fried apple pie with truffles in goat cheese smearThe dessert course showcased truffles in the goat cheese smear that complemented the fried apple pie.