Truffle Dogs – Meet Tony & Mila

January 14, 2017 /

Truffle Dogs – While any dog can be trained to hunt for truffles, it’s the Lagotto Romangnolo that is the traditional truffle dog of Italy. They are keen, affectionate and undemanding–the best possible traits for a pet. Like overgrown teddy bears, they have curly coats that do not shed. Any breed of dog can be taught the basics in a day or two but to harvest gently and correctly, the training process can take six months to a year. To learn more about dog training, visit Truffle Dog Company.

Tony and Mila are two of the most adorable truffle dogs, their owner and trainer is Staci, of the Truffle Huntress.

Name: Mila Fiore , meaning a thousand flowers in Italian

Mila the Truffle Dog

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

Age: 4

Career highlight: Mila found her first European truffle in Staci’s California truffiere

Personality: Hellion. Intense diva.

Favorite hobbies: Truffle hunting or torturing and teasing her human counterparts.

Favorite food: Ice cream

Romantic partner: Engaged to Tony, look for puppies next year


Name: Tony, short for Panettone, a delicious sweet Italian Christmas cake

Tony the Truffle Dog

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

Age: 5

Career highlight: Winning AKC Misc Breed Champion, # 1 Lagotto in the country.

Personality: Cuddle bug, lover boy, Don Juan, gigolo (you get the picture)

Favorite hobbies: Melting into humans laps, playing with squeaky balls

Favorite foods: Cheese

Favorite toy: Tennis balls


Mila and Tony are just two of the truffle dogs demonstrating their skills at the Napa Truffle Festival in 2017