Potato-wrapped Cannelloni of Beef Brasato with Truffled Verdure by Chef Suzette Gresham

June 18, 2015 /

Chef Suzette Gresham Prepping

In 2012, Chef Suzette Gresham of Michelin star Acquerello in San Francisco, joined the Napa Truffle Festival for its second year of the Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque and its first year of Winery Truffle Lunches. Her user-friendly approach to food preparation made the cooking demonstration at Robert Mondavi Winery as fun as it was thrilling (complete with tips on how to use knives). For the demo and the lunch she prepared this extraordinary truffle cannelloni dish, which serves as an excellent main course.

Suzette Gresham, Acquerello’s co-owner and Executive Chef, has had a profound impact on the culinary world over the course of her over 35 years in the kitchen—a career honored by numerous awards and accolades. She was the first female apprentice to be on the US Culinary Olympic team, returning as an individual competitor four years later to take home the bronze medal. She holds the coveted Antonin Carême award, and was the first Junior Member of the ACF, later being voted to the Board of Directors for three terms. Acquerello has held a spot every year on Michael Bauer’s Top 100 Bay Area Restaurant List since its inception 19 years ago, and has received a Michelin star every year since 2007. In 2014 it was awarded a second star, making Gresham the third woman in the US to hold that title. While these prestigious achievements are a source of pride, they are not the driving force behind her career. Food, above all else, is what keeps her in the kitchen!

“I am a purist at heart. I adore food and nothing brings me greater joy than sharing my passion for Italian cuisine. Very simply, I pour my heart and soul into the dishes I create and enjoy sharing my love for food with other people.”

NEWS: Every fall, Acquerello presents a White Truffle Tasting Menu and throughout the rest of the year, they highlight black European truffles, featuring their signature dish: Ridged Pasta with Foie Gras, Black Truffles and Marsala Wine. The very BIG news is that the restaurant was awarded a second Michelin star in 2015, making Chef Suzette the third US female chef to receive this honor!

Potato Wrapped Cannelloni of Beef Brasato with Truffled Verdure


Potato Wrapped Cannelloni of Beef Brasato with Truffled Verdure.