Angele in Downtown Napa Features Truffle Menu – Warm Ricotta Custard with Shaved Truffles

January 23, 2016 /

Chef Rogelio Garcia Angele

This year’s Napa Truffle Festival invited local restaurants to participate in the winter truffle season with a truffle dish or menu. We’ll be sharing some of their recipes and stories, beginning with the lovely, bistro-style Angèle Restaurant & Bar’s Warm Ricotta Custard with wild mushrooms and shaved black truffles by Chef Rogelio Garcia. Custard suggests ‘comfort food,’ but the elegant ingredients and flavors make this simple recipe a dish you can proudly serve for any occasion—from a candlelight supper for two to a celebration of 50-plus!

Starting as a line cook, Chef Rogelio worked his way up the chef ladder through such notable restaurants as wine country’s Calistoga Spa, Cyrus, The French Laundry and Redd, and San Francisco’s Michael Mina. As executive chef for Angèle, he is able to fully express his love of food, fresh local ingredients and gathering around the table.

Angèle is located in the historic Hatt/Napa Mill Building in downtown Napa. Built in the late 1800’s, the complex, now comprised of unique restaurants, shops and a hotel, is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Warm Ricotta Custard with Black truffles, Parmesan and Wild mushroom Angele


Warm Ricotta Custard with Black truffles, Parmesan and Wild mushrooms