5 Ways to Use Fresh Truffles

January 14, 2017 /

Warm Black Truffle Lobster Taco with Yellow Tomato Salsa, Jicama/Carrot Salad, and Truffle Vinaigette

At the Napa Truffle Festival master truffle chef Ken Frank of La Toque restaurant described the three best truffles to use in cooking:

  • • White truffles are best in October and their flavor is similar to garlic or leek.
  • • Burgundy truffles are in season until December. They have a sweet aromatic spicy flavor.
  • • Périgord truffles are in season around Christmas through February and are the most pungent.

Here are his tips for using them.

1. Go Mild

Avoid serving or cooking them with foods with acid, spice and sharp flavors

2. Infuse

In raw yolks, creams and custards, cheese, under chicken skin

3. With Starchy Foods

On top of pasta, risotto, pizza, potatoes

4. Lay on the Fat 

In sauces, butter or with poultry

5. More?

Try them in a salad with mild ingredients or with seafood, especially with salmon or scallops or lobster cream sauce

Looking to purchase fresh truffles? Come to the Napa Truffle Festival Marketplace on January 16, 2017 at Oxbow Market.