Well Seasoned Traveler: Truffles

April 4, 2016 /

Doug Duda

Doug Duda with Loni Stark

A&E The Well-Seasoned Traveler “Truffles” with host Doug Duda is the one of the best truffle programs produced to date. The setting is Provence, France, where Doug deftly navigates his viewers through the mysterious and delicious world of black truffles. It’s exciting, passionate, educational and beautiful all at the same time.

In 2011, Doug was the keynote speaker for the premiere Napa Truffle Festival. Check out his interview with Loni Stark of Stark Insider where he shares his simple recipe for a black truffle omelet. It’s so easy, but don’t skimp on the fine French butter!

Omelet with Black Truffles

Doug Duda was the co-creator (with filmmaker George Billard) and host of the popular A&E International television series, The Well-Seasoned Traveler, devoted to the exploration of world culture through food and drink.

The founder of DemoGraph, a consultancy that helps clients apply the sizzle of the culinary world to their brand aspirations, Doug’s career tracks the expansion of opportunity for culinary professionals over the past 40 years. From his first cooking job in 1971 at Miami’s storied counterculture restaurant, The Spiral, Doug went on to serve Julia Child at the original Legal Seafoods in Cambridge. Since 2007, he has taken on leadership positions for the International Association of Culinary Professionals (“IACP”) where he’s focused on transitioning the organization to address the changing landscape of opportunity and challenge facing the new generation of culinary professionals.

He is also the Founding Executive Director of the Redland Farm Life Center, a community culinary center for classes, events, and new business incubation in rural South Florida; and is the incoming chair of the American Friends of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery.  He’s well-known for his pioneering work in the development of multi-user culinary centers with facilities and programming for enthusiasts, educators and industry, including Astor Center (NYC) and Miami Culinary Institute (Miami), is a frequent speaker on food industry trends, has written for Food Arts and other industry publications, and is a contributor to the Oxford Encyclopedia on Food and Drink in America and Savoring Gotham, a history of New York City food and drink.