Peju Winery

Rutherford, CA

Named “BEST WINERY IN NORTH AMERICA” by the Discoverer Blog, PEJU Winery began with Tony Peju daring to sell wines in an informal facility: the garage at their vineyard estate in Rutherford, Napa Valley. A lengthy legal battle ensued and Peju persisted: this became the catalyst for Napa County to create the legal definition of what a winery is which was adopted in 1991. It is no wonder that Tony is called “The Father of Custom Crush “.

Next? Reinventing how wine is marketed. In 1985, Tony Peju embraced the concept of Direct-To-Consumer Wine Marketing. In 2003, daughter Lisa became the young ambassador of Peju Winery featured in weekly ads on page 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle. These first of the kind wine “edutainment” ads energized a new market. PEJU’s guests grew to include young and old, amateurs and aficionados alike.