2018 Kathryn Cabernet Sauvignon by HALL Wines

HALL Wines

We handpicked this delicious cabernet sauvignon as the perfect pairing for the Salmon “sous-vide” with Fresh Black Truffle & Toasted Leek. The bold flavor and complexity of this cab strike a great balance with the truffliness of the salmon without overpowering it. Get this cab directly from HALL wines here.

This Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon is the pinnacle and flagship wine of HALL’s blending efforts each year. The exalted Sacrashe vineyard takes center stage, and is the basis of this blend. The vineyard contributes the mouth-coating richness and complexity, offering deep, dark earthy cassis flavors and powerfully dense tannins. From there, the winemaker at HALL searches out complementary vineyards, usually from the most regarded mountain appellations, to create balance, symmetry and finesse in the wine. Lastly, HALL introduces vineyards with profound depth and decadence to heighten the voluptuousness and opulence that have become a hallmark character of this flagship wine.