Young Brillat-Savarin Cheese


Brillat-Savarin is a triple cream cheese produced in northern France. Triple cream has the highest fat content possible in cheese, at about 40% overall. This is critical for this application, because the truffle aroma and flavor are highly fat soluble. Therefore the high fat content ensures this cheese will absorb an enormous amount of truffle perfume, which otherwise would wonder off into the surrounding air and environment. Brillat-Savarin usually is only available as a mature, soft-ripened cheese in the U.S., which means it’s already developed into a soft, creamy texture with stronger flavor. To make truffle cheese, one would need to introduce the truffles before the cheese matures.

Ken has imported this young Brillat-Savarin cheese directly from its artisanal maker in Burgundy, as it is largely unavailable in this country. It is uniquely sealed and flushed with nitrogen, which prevents the maturation process from starting until it’s opened. By using this young version of Brillat-Savarin, you’ll take advantage of the triple cream nature of the cheese, without the truffle having to fight against the stronger flavor of the matured version. It is much easier to work with, as the fresh, young version has a dryer, firmer consistency resembling rich cream cheese, instead of the much softer ripened version. You’re getting the best of both worlds with this young Brillat-Savarin!