Artesa Estate Vineyards & Winery

Napa, CA

Over 30 years ago, Spain’s oldest winemaking family ventured to a new world: a sea-facing hillside in the Napa Valley, with rocky soils and a favorable coastal climate. It was here in Carneros that we planted new roots, building upon a 460-year winemaking legacy to create the next generation of estate-grown, artisan wines. We named it Artesa. In homage to our Catalan roots, our winery embraces a modern aesthetic while being integrated into the surrounding foothills of the Mayacamas mountains, providing scenic vistas and a warm welcome to visitors. In the center of the winery is an open ceiling courtyard featuring our Harvest Madonna which is positioned in the courtyard’s reflective pool. You will savor the fabulous truffle lunch menu in the parlor, perfectly paired with Artesa’s artisan wines while surrounded by spectacular floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

At Artesa, our approach to winemaking is inspired by both the old world and the new, drawing on time-tested techniques as well as those at the forefront of innovation to create wines that express their unique origin, personality, and heritage. We create our wines one small lot at a time – harvesting, fermenting, and aging each lot separately, tailoring our practices to allow each parcel to express its individual character. Then we patiently and meticulously compose the final blends to achieve wines that are both elegant and intense, and unmistakably true to their roots. We strive to bring the best of our native and adopted home to you in each bottle of our wines. And we hope that it enhances those moments when we are a part of your life. ¡Salud!