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TruffleTV @Shadybrook Estate

TruffleTV @Shadybrook Estate

We’ve missed you, and we’ve missed sharing all the delectable decadence of truffles with you. We’re thrilled to announce that you can invite Michelin Star Chef Ken Frank into your home for the first time in Napa Truffle Festival history!

Join us Saturday, June 19th as we broadcast live from Shadybrook Estate in the heart of the Coombsville District in Napa. This invitation-only experience will be two hours with Ken as he teaches you all the delicious details and the entire preparation of his famous Truffle Sandwich with Brillat-Savarin Cheese from France and Hand-made Potato Gnocchi with Fresh Black Truffles paired with a duo of Truffle Certified Shadybrook wines. He will even show you how to make the Truffled Brillat-Savarin cheese that you can age and enjoy. Ken will source all the ingredients (you just need to pick up the potatoes) and we will send them to you overnight. These ingredients are Michelin star restaurant quality and are the same ones Ken uses in his kitchen. They are several cuts above what consumers can get in a supermarket. The young Brillat-Savarin cheese and the French butter are rare items imported directly from their artisanal makers in France by Ken. The Fiscalini cheddar is a hard-to-find cheese for connoisseurs in the know!

We’re shipping you 90 grams (that’s over 3 oz) of ultra fresh black truffles. That’s normally enough for 14(!) generous servings in a Michelin star restaurant. Such a truffle overdose is what it takes to make Ken’s famous Truffle Sandwich, the single best selling menu item at La Toque. In fact, you’ll have more than enough truffles to make each of the three dishes for FOUR people! The amount of truffles alone is worth the price of admission.

The charismatic, one and only CBS Foodie Chap Liam Mayclem will emcee the entire experience. You can be sure you’ll learn a ton, have lots of fun and be able to enjoy a Michelin star dinner complete with wine right at home! You’ll be able to order the wines after the checkout process, or by clicking on them in the section below.

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