Into the Orchard…

January 19, 2014 /

At the Truffle Orchard Tour with Alana McGee, Bill Collins, and their truffle dogs Lolo and Rico, at Robert Sinskey’s three-year-old orchard, our group was greeted by a herd of sheep. Sinskey explained that in alignment with their integrated farming—in essence, biodynamic farming—his sheep mow the vineyards until they vines develop leaves, and then are moved to the orchard area where they keep the ground weed-free and trimmed.rob dogs

Alana McGee demonstrated how dogs are trained with scent bait and both Lolo and Rico successfully performed—in a few years they’ll be rooting for the real thing!hgu0auduyy9LVYzFIHL5pBCyJrUVoCibLXvIyoLrYfU