To Market, To Market – Plus Meet CBS Foodie Chap!

January 12, 2017 /

Marketplace Video Stream
hosted by Liam Mayclem
Catherine Bergen of C Casa11:30am
Catherine Bergen
C Casa
at CRU @ the Annex
Liam Mayclem, CBS Foodie ChapLiam Mayclem
CBS Foodie Chap
Brian Santos of Eiko's2:00pm
Chef Brian Santos

If you were in France trying to buy fresh truffles in the market…”men stand in tight, preoccupied groups looking, sniffing, and finally weighing wart-encrusted, earth-covered lumps that are handled with reverential care. Money passes, fat grimy wads of it…Attention from outsiders is NOT welcomed.” — Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence

But at the Napa Truffle Festival Marketplace, you can purchase all the fresh black truffles you want, plus see cooking demos, purchase delectable truffle menu dishes à la carte, meet truffle dogs Rico and Gig, and enter for a chance to win a real “black diamond” (truffle, that is).

This year, the cooking demos will be emceed by CBS Foodie Chap Liam Mayclem. Don’t miss the fun as he leads you through cooking adventures at CRU with C Casa’s Catherine Bergen and at Eiko’s with Chef Brian Santos.

The Marketplace is FREE and everyone is welcome!