Forage Like You Were Raised On The (Truffle) Farm

December 17, 2013 /

If you were raised on a farm you’d have learned a few tips from a pig about how to root around for tasty morsels. But with the American Truffle Company’s Dr. Paul Thomas and two experienced mycologists at your side you’ll learn all about the ABCs, and the fun, of fungi foraging as part of your Festival experience. Spend a morning with Dr. Paul, mycologists David Campbell and Stephanie Jarvis for hands-on mushroom identification, the best hunting techniques, learning about what kinds of varieties grow in the Napa area (and a few hints on foraging in your own zip code), the proper handling and storage of mushrooms, the best ways to cook different kinds of mushrooms, and general culinary tips.


David Campbell may as well have been raised on a mushroom farm, given his wealth of mycological experience. He has been collecting, studying, eating, teaching and writing about wild mushrooms for over 40 years. An expert mycophagist (one who safely eats a wide variety of wild mushrooms) and experienced outdoor group foray leader, David is Foray Director for Wild About Mushrooms Company, guiding organized wild mushroom adventures both near and far. For his own company MycoVentures he has led fungi adventures in some of the best wild mushroom areas in the U.S. and Europe. He served more than a decade on the council for the Mycological Society of San Francisco (MSSF), including two terms as president. With a little luck—and some rain!—he says we might find porcini, hedgehogs, chanterelles or candy caps. Check out David’s truffle adventures at

A self-proclaimed mushroom “geek,” Napa Valley Fungi proprietor Stephanie Jarvis tests vineyard soils for beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae), consults on truffle orchard projects, and uses wine industry waste products to cultivate medicinal and culinary mushrooms.Steph

Their vast knowledge of both edible and poisonous mushrooms gives the duo ample knowledge to guide you in noticing the nuances that differentiate safe from suspect. They’ll also share cooking tips for delicious and easy fungi dishes.


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