Winery Truffle Lunches

Few places on earth conjure the spirit of global elegance and hospitality like the Napa Valley. Only 30 miles long and in some places just shy of a mile wide, this picturesque swath of valley is one of the most influential wine and food Meccas in the world. To be a winery here is to strive for excellence, which is what you will experience for yourself at the two ultra-premium wineries that we have partnered with for this season’s Napa Truffle Festival – superb wines, presented in beautiful, gracious surrounding, paired with heavenly dishes prepared by world-class Michelin star and master chefs. This is wine country at its most fabulous! Saturday and Sunday’s Winery Truffle Lunches are prepared by Michelin star guest chefs.

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Winery Truffle LunchesCaroline Fong