Wild Mushroom Forays


Saturday, Jan 19 | 9:00-11:30am


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Sunday, Jan 20 | 9:00-11:30am


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Join mushroom experts David Campbell and Norman Andresen, along with American Truffle Company’s own Dr. Paul Thomas for a delightful walk into the woods of Napa Valley to forage for exotic mushrooms in their native habitats at the height of the mushroom season! Sample a bit of truffle quiche before venturing out to enjoy nature as you learn the basics about mushrooms, including the process of mushroom identification, as well as proper handling and cooking options for edible mushrooms.

Note that due to the number of people attending, and the variables involved in determining if a mushroom is edible, our experts cannot be responsible for the consequences if you choose to cook with any of the foraged mushrooms.

Past forays have led to such fascinating mushrooms as the popular and deliciously fruity, peppery chanterelle; and candy caps, whose sweet aroma often finds its way into cookies and ice cream; also matsutakes, highly prized (and priced!) in Japanese cuisine and, more recently, in Michelin star restaurants around the world. Foragers also came across many breathtakingly beautiful, non-edible species, such as toadstools. Foraging for wild mushrooms should only be done with knowledgeable mushroom experts, and you will not find a more qualified expert than fungi forage leader David Campbell, the Bay Area Poison Control Center’s go-to mushroom guy.

We’ll see what we find and find what we see! With a little luck, perhaps we’ll find porcini, hedgehogs, chanterelles or candy caps.” – David Campbell

Disclaimer: The abundance and presence of specific mushroom species cannot be guaranteed and are very much dependent on nature and on specific conditions at the time of the forage.

Mushroom Forays Rain or Shine. Please bring rain gear and wear appropriate shoes for potentially muddy conditions.

Tasty truffle quiche bites included.

Extreme weather conditions will cancel the foray on Saturday and foray will be rescheduled for Sunday, weather permitting. Extreme weather conditions will cancel the foray on Sunday and all Sunday registrations will be refunded. Please check your email for updates.

David Campbell

campbell_david2David Campbell is president of the newly formed Mycological Society of Marin County. He has been collecting, studying, eating, teaching and writing about wild mushrooms for over 45 years. He served more than a decade on council for the Mycological Society of San Francisco (MSSF), including 2 terms as president. Primarily focused on edible and poisonous mushrooms, he has lead numerous fungal forays for MSSF and the Sonoma Mycological Association (SOMA).

David remains active with the San Francisco Poison Control Center for mushroom poisoning incident response in the greater Bay Area. He served as foray leader and event facilitator for several years at author David Arora’s annual mycological field seminars. An expert mycophagist (one who safely eats a wide variety of wild mushrooms) and experienced outdoor group leader, David Campbell is the long-time Foray Director for Wild About Mushrooms Company, teaching basic mycology and organizing wild mushroom events and adventures around California and beyond. His international tour company, MycoVentures, expands his horizons ever further; including truffle, mushroom, and wine tours in Italy and Croatia.

This year, David will again be accompanied by Norman Andresen.

Norman Andresen

Norman AndresenNorman Andresen has had a long history of interest in the fungal world, starting in 1st grade, and coming into more focus as a subject for photography as a young adult. His continuing interest lead to taxonomy, cultivation and mycophagy, leading to exposure to the leading local professional mycologists, including David Campbell, Harry Theirs, Denis Desjardin, Tom Bruns and others. He has been a long time member of MSSF, MSA and a volunteer at many fungi hobbyist events, fungus fairs and mushroom walks. He has taught mushroom cultivation at the San Francisco Presidio and Merritt JC, working with sterile technique and composting. An avid recreational collector of morels, boletes, chanterelles and other more exotic varietals, he’s eaten more than 50 wild species – and still kickin’!

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