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First Scientifically Cultivated Truffle Harvests in America
CA Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association
Winter 2019

video play buttonWine Country Adds Black Truffles to List of Locally-Grown Delicacies
KPIX CBS SF Bay Area, Betty Yu (Jan 2019)
Napa and Sonoma … could become known for growing one of the rarest and most expensive ingredients on the planet…

It’s All About Truffles!
KRON 4 (Jan 2019)
Napa Truffle Festival Kicks Off this Weekend…

There’s Definitely Something About Truffles
Napa Valley Life Magazine (Winter 2018-19)
Black truffles take center stage at the ninth annual…

Destination California
Sunseeker magazine (Jan-Feb 2019)
Savor a selection of dishes from top truffle chefs…

Eureka! First Scientifically Cultivated Truffle Harvest in America
PRNewswire (December 2018)
This marks the first black truffle harvested in the U.S. resulting from application of a proven scientific methodology…

Earthly Pleasures Rule the Truffle Fest
NBC Worth the Trip (December 2018)
Are these glorious knobs o’ earthy goodness your go-to gourmet treat? Best get to the NV for more truffle-y times…

They fetch up to $900 a pound.
The Tribune (June 2018)
Could SLO County become a black truffle hot spot?…

Taming the Truffle
Financial Times (April 2018)
Truffles are highly prized…Unfortunately, difficult to grow – until now…

The Elusive American Black Truffle
Wall Street Journal (Feb 2018)
…Finding the formula for successful truffle farming is a tantalizing goal for would-be growers in the US…

Become a Truffle Connoisseur!
Napa Valley Life Magazine (Winter 2017-18)
taste, smell, learn and experience all things truffle at the eighth annual Napa Truffle Festival…

Uniting Gourmands and Aspiring Truffle Growers
Taste of Travel (Nov 2017)
a weekend packed with activities centering around one of the world’s most prized delicacies…

Pamper Your Taste Buds
Outword Magazine (Nov 2017)
Whether you’re a goodie with a passion for truffles, or a food voyager with a curiosity about on of the most expensive foods in the world…

The Napa Truffle Festival is Happening!
Truffle Addict (Oct 2017)
One of the most exciting festivals in the Napa Valley…If you are a truffle addict, save the date!…

A truffle revolution comes to Western Pa
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Sept 2017)
Perhaps you didn’t know an American Truffle Revolution exists. But it does, and Robert Chang will attest to it…

Robert Sinskey with Robert Chang

Has a New Start-Up Found the Secret to Farming the Elusive Truffle?
New York Times (Nov 2016)
The American Truffle Company has a new technique that it says can expand the range of the Perigord truffle in North America…

Truffle Mania – and truffle dogs – come to Napa Valley

The Mercury News (Dec 2016)
They’re pungent, earthy and downright irresistible…
See Gig, the truffle dog, in action.


Low Carb Mag (January 2017)
North American farmers are learning how to cultivate truffles.

Master Chefs Center Stage
Napa Valley Life Magazine (Winter 2016-17)
Discuss, demonstrate and feast upon truffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Plus, a free Marketplace and a recipe for Truffle Lobster Tacos.

Black Diamonds will Shine at Napa Truffle Festival
The Sacramento Bee (Dec 2016)
…revered in haute cuisine for centuries…

Earthy Eats: Napa Truffle Festival
NBC Bay Area (Nov 2016)
Seminars, truffle lunches, and a “Wild Mushroom Foray” brighten the January weekend.

From Silicon Valley to Truffle Farming
CuturalVistas (Annual Report 2016)
A fervent curiosity pushed Robert Chang…toward a unique career path that led him to start the American Truffle Company.

American Company Farms their Own Truffles
Food World News (March 2016)
Five years ago, the American Truffle Company, grew a small orchard for truffles at the Robert Sinskey Vineyards … now that the orchard is nearing maturity…

10 Things You Don’t Know About Truffles
Haute Living (March 2016)
Truffles are everywhere these days! There’s truffle French fries, ice cream…and we can go on. Sometimes these aromatic delicacies belong—and sometimes not…

Truffles: Can California really cultivate culinary black gold?
Independent (Feb 2016)
A British scientist is helping a California vineyard to grow its own truffles. It’s a first for the US…

(DEC 2015-JAN 2016)
Marin Magazine: Dionysian Decadence

Fungus Among Us
Stanford Alumni Magazine SPOTLIGHT (Nov/Dec 2015)
A Bay Area entrepreneur jump-starts domestic truffle production.
Robert Chang had appropriate training—postgraduate degrees in electrical engineering and business—to become a CTO. But in his case the initials stand for chief truffle officer…

American Truffle Company Presents Video: RXJ.TV
The American Truffle Company returns to Napa for the annual Napa Truffle Festival…

Chow Hounds
O Magazine (Jan 2016)
Some dogs have a nose for the finer things in life.

Meet the Company That is Cultivating American Truffles
Haute Living (Dec 2015)
Black truffle lovers, brace yourself…You may be thinking
aren’t truffles only found in Europe?
Well, allow me to introduce you to Robert Chang and Dr. Paul Thomas, the dynamic duo behind the mushroom magic that is making all of this possible…

Robert Chang – From Silicon Valley to Truffle Farming
NBC News (Nov 2015)
Robert Chang was in his late 30s when he decided to forgo the safety of a promising career in Silicon Valley for a fascination with fungi and dirt…

Truffle Season
Napa Valley Life Magazine (Nov/Dec 2015)
Local truffles soon? Plus tips on how to store and prepare truffles, and an easy truffle soup recipe…

Hunt on for North Coast truffles
North Bay Business Journal (Oct 2015)
The prospects of delivering highly valued but highly perishable European-style truffles to A-list Bay Area restaurants in hours instead of days has generated excitement in culinary circles about what may come out of the ground among a North Coast vineyard this winter…

10 Reasons to Visit Napa Valley
San Francisco Chronicle (Oct 2015)
It makes sense that Napa Valley is one of the few travel destinations that can support a truffle festival…For the uninitiated and truffle curious, the festival’s free Marketplace at Oxbow Market is a great way to explore truffles …Look for chef demos and truffle-focused food.

Head to these fests for good ol’ times…Napa Truffle Festival: Master chefs, truffle scientists, and fabulous food abound at this “all things fungi” foodie fest…

Coming This Winter: The First U.S. GROWN TRUFFLE?
Forbes (Sept 2015)
When the sixth edition of the Napa Truffle Festival takes place next January, the star of the show might be local. After five years of cultivation in an orchard in Napa’s Robert Sinskey Vineyards, the first truffle grown in the U.S. is expected to emerge this winter…

15 food festivals in the U.S. for the ultimate foodie
Mashable (Sept 2015)
The Napa Truffle Festival is a weekend dedicated to the truffle’s greatness, one of the world’s most sought after delicacies. Renowned for its wine and culinary expertise, the Napa Valley also serves as a great place to grow truffles…

Could California’s Wine Country Be the World’s Next Great Truffle Region?
EATER (Sept 2015)
This fall, one of California’s pioneering biodynamic winemakers, Robert Sinskey of the namesake Napa and Sonoma vineyards, will be the first to harvest black Périgord (winter) and Burgundy (summer) truffles in the area—two of the most expensive and desired varieties in the world…

Truffle dogs sniff out pungent fungus prized by foodies
Associated Press (June 2015)
…As more landowners plant orchards in hopes of harvesting truffles, more dogs are being trained to detect the earthy delicacies, which take several years to ripen on tree roots underground…

Peju plants truffle orchard
NapaLife (June 2015)
Peju Province Winery is the latest winery to partner with American Truffle Company to plant a truffle orchard…The Pejus join several other wine country growers that are cultivating black truffle orchards, including Paul and Sandy Otellini of Rossi Ranch, Mary Rocca of Rocca Family Vineyards, Rob Sinskey of Robert Sinskey Vineyards, and Todd and Trevor Traina of Hermosa Vineyards. Robert Sinskey Vineyards will likely be the first to harvest truffles. All indications are on target and show healthy development…

Mysteries of the Most Expensive Food in the World
DuVine (May 2015)
Truffles are rare and extremely sought after, making them the most expensive food in the world … hunted by specially trained dogs and coveted by Michelin-starred chefs around the world. But wait—what exactly is a truffle, anyway? We teamed up with some truffle experts to uncover the mysterious secrets…Meet our panel of experts: Robert Chang, Managing Director and Chief Truffle Officer for American Truffle Company

Truffles gain popularity despite high costs
Nation’s Restaurant News (March 2015)
The earthy-flavored rare fungus, whether black or white, are turning up everywhere…Tricky and time consuming to cultivate…None of this has stopped would-be truffle tycoons. The annual Napa Valley Truffle Festival combines world-class cuisine with cutting-edge science…

Napa Truffle Festival
Food Gal, Carolyn Jung (Jan 2015)
Carefully tucked inside Chef Ken Frank’s walk-in at La Toque restaurant in Napa last weekend sat 20 pounds of prized black Perigord truffles. Valued at more than $13,000 — wholesale. They were destined to be the highlight of dinners, cooking demos and special restaurant offerings during last weekend’s Napa Truffle Festival….

Truffle Festival lunch paired fine food and wines
Sacramento Bee (Jan 2015)
The luncheon at the fifth annual Napa Valley Truffle Festival was a pairing of fine fare and great wines…

Mushroom mavens head Upvalley, learn where to look
Napa Valley Register (Jan 2015)
…The Wild Mushroom Forage highlighted the third day of the Napa Truffle Festival … While the festival’s slate includes various dining and wine pairing courses, cooking demonstrations and seminars, the program also offers guests a chance to tour the lands from which the delicacies spring.

Rico the truffle dog
Sunset Magazine-Best of the West (Jan 2015)
(One of) The absolute highlights of the Napa Truffle Festival is the truffle-hunting demonstration at Robert Sinskey Vineyards…Why? The star of the show, Rico, who’s a four-year-old Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian breed of retriever…

Napa Truffle Festival: Truffle Tips And Tricks From The Pros
celebrityCHEF TV (Jan 2015)
So let the fabulous fungus be praised…we’re here to make your truffle talents shine with some tips from the top chefs. Led by the American Truffle Company, the Napa Truffle Festival is a full-on celebration of the tried and true MVM (Most Valuable Mushroom, of course.) It’s a full weekend dedicated to hunting, cultivating, storing and cooking your truffle treasures. Here are 6 truffle tips and tricks from the pros…

Wine Country vintners turn to truffles
San Francisco Chronicle by Carolyn Jung (Dec 2014)
On the edge of his Sonoma vineyard … vintner Robert Sinskey has yanked out grapevines to make room for a few hundred oak and filbert trees. It’s all part of a daring venture that may come to fruition — or folly — as early as next winter…They also can be exceedingly profitable, reaping five times or more what the same acre of grapes might bring…That’s why brothers Todd and Trevor Traina decided to spend $25,000 to rip out 2½ acres of their Cabernet vineyard in the Napa Valley’s Stag’s Leap district to attempt to grow Périgord truffles…

Napa Truffle Festival returns with delicacies
Sacramento Bee (Dec 2014)
When we talk truffles, we’re not referring to chocolate-covered bon-bons. We’re talking about the subterranean fungus that’s a delicacy in the global marketplace… Though their looks aren’t at all impressive, for centuries truffles have been a treasured ingredient in haute cuisine. Master chefs call them “the diamonds of the kitchen.” Which takes us to the fifth annual Napa Truffle Festival…

Napa Truffle Festival Begins Jan. 16
Sacramento Magazine (Dec 2014)
The Napa Valley is just a hop, skip and a jump from Sacramento, and if you’re a food lover, you won’t mind making the jaunt in mid-January for the Napa Truffle Festival…

Pungent, Please: Napa Truffle Festival
Noses and palates, prepare: January is taking a turn for the ultra flavorful.
NBC Bay Area “Worth the Trip” (Dec 2014)
You can enter just about any fine restaurant with a total plan on your mind regarding what you’ll order…And then you spy it on the menu: A truffle risotto…And suddenly the crawl in your brain stops and you find yourself not ordering the very thing you came to order. Because truffles happened… there are few flavors and scents to compare to the superstar fungus, the knobbiest of the knobby and as dear as all get-out (and with good reason). Napa, being something of the foodie center of the universe, loves the truffle with a hot heat, and pays tribute to the pungent knob each winter with a long weekend of seminars and tastings. Are you ready truffle-minded obsessives? Then make for wine country (for)
The Napa Truffle Festival…

5th Annual Napa Truffle Festival
World Class Cuisine Meets Cutting Edge Truffle Science
Wine Country This Week (Dec 2014)
Dig truffles? Join the fun, science and culinary adventure of a lifetime…

TRUFFLE DOGS: Worth their weight in GOLD
Napa Valley Life Magazine (Nov-Dec 2014)
Truffle farming has long been a lucrative crop in Europe―specifically the high end winter black Périgord and summer Burgundy truffles―and is rapidly gaining ground in other parts of the world…To many growers, the real fun of growing truffles begins with the harvest. Equipped only with trusty truffle hunting dogs, harvesting truffles is a hands-on endeavor…These dogs who hunt for “black gold” are worth their weight in gold, fetching prices as high as $13,000…

Black Diamonds
The illustrious truffle, set to be unearthed in California.
C California Style (October 2014)
Brace yourself: the truffles are coming…These nuanced delicacies hail from Europe and, more recently, from Australia. But the promise of the arrival of the vaunted California truffle—grown and harvested here in the Golden State—is the thing that has West Coast epicureans palpably excited…

Growing Black Diamonds In The Napa Valley
Nob Hill Gazette (July 2014)
(2008, Munich): a young Stanford graduate (Robert Chang)
walks into a restaurant…He orders butter-tossed tagliatelli with black truffles…he wonders, “Can I grow truffles?”…His research leads to only one guy with credible scientific knowledge…Dr. Paul Thomas, who lives in the United Kingdom and remains the world’s leading authority on truffle cultivation technology…

On the Hunt
Local farmers are learning how to cultivate truffles.
Marin magazine (April 2014)
As the black winter truffle harvesting season winds down this month, those of us who partake in the earthy gems have reason to celebrate. Soon — within the next two years — it seems we will have a viable local source for this famous fungus. For this development, thanks go to the Bay Area–based American Truffle Company…

A glimpse into the secret world of truffles
Until you taste them, you won’t understand, and when you do, you might become addicted. Haaretz got a taste of the rare fungi at the Napa Truffle Festival.
HAAERTZ (Feb 2014)
At the first taste, you don’t get what all the fuss is about…But then, within moments, the taste buds are activated and an extraordinary aroma assaults you from every direction… the secret of truffles…Perigord truffles, also known as winter truffles, are the top species. They sell for anywhere from $2,500-$7,000 per kilo…

The 4th Annual Napa Truffle Festival
Nothing short of a gourmet’s dream, it was an epic epicurean truffle adventure.
EXQUISE (Feb 2014)
Spanning four days of non-stop activities…the (fourth) annual Napa Truffle Festival brought the spotlight back on the glorified black Périgord truffle …This year’s host wineries for the truffle lunches were Nickel and Nickel Winery and HALL Winery…And the scene-stealer of all scene-stealers, i.e., besides the truffles, the celebrity chefs, the food, wine and wineries and the many other highlights, were the very adorable truffle dogs (Lagotto Romagnolos), with their trainers whose presence added charm and smiles whenever and wherever they showed up…

Trained truffle dogs sniff out the goods
Robert Sinskey Vineyards is experimenting with growing cash crop
Napa Valley Register, Kevin Courtney (Jan 2014)
…Sinskey and a handful of others in Napa Valley are experimenting with growing truffles, a cash crop potentially even more lucrative than the wine grape…The crowd watching the truffle dogs sniff along the tree rows were attendees at the Napa Truffle Festival, a four-day event that attracted some 350 people to workshops and elegant meals. On Monday, a potpourri of tastings was open to the community at the Oxbow Public Market…

4th Annual Napa Truffle Festival was a Success!
I just returned from the most erotic, exotic, earthy, smelly and totally unforgettable G-rated weekend of my life and I swear I’m never washing my hands again…

Napa Truffle Festival closes with a luncheon and market
Sacramento Bee, Allen Pierleoni (Jan 2014)
…The festival began last Friday and continued over the weekend with truffle-centric seminars, winery tours, food-and-wine pairings, winemaker lunches and dinners, a truffle orchard tour and a mushroom-foraging excursion…The festival sells out early each year, attracting foodies from all over California and a few foreign countries. It’s a big deal when you get truffles and wine on the same table. Truffles are delicacies in the global marketplace…truffles have been a treasured ingredient in haute cuisine, prized by master chefs around the world.

Celebrate Truffle Season
Wine Country This Week (Dec/Jan 2014)
Truffles anyone?…These rare and delectable fungi will again be the center of attention at the fourth annual …

Five Reasons to Visit Napa This Winter
7x7SF (Jan 2014)
Truffles, yum…
Winter is an ideal time to visit Napa. Options abound…The Napa Truffle Festival features both scientists and experts who study truffles and the chefs who cook with truffles. And of course, the truffle loving public. You can indulge a little or a lot…

iWineRadio Interviews (Dec 2013)

Robert Chang, Managing Director of American Truffle Company
Discusses the business and sex of truffle cultivation, and the diverse programs and cuisine offered at the Napa Truffle Festival.

Alana McGee, Founder of Toil & Truffle
Discusses the programs she’ll present on truffle dog training.

Chef Ken Frank, Owner, Executive Chef of La Toque
Talks about the Michelin star guest chefs and their Truffles & Wine Dinner menu items; plus wines and truffles

Dining Around with Joel Riddell
Talk 910 KKSF-AM (Dec 2013)
Have you ever been curious about truffles? Novices and experienced connoisseurs alike will find plenty to inform their minds and entertain their palates at the fourth annual Napa Truffle Festival…

Something for Everyone at the Napa Truffle Festival
MarketPlace (Jan 2014)
Have you ever been curious about truffles? Novices and experienced connoisseurs alike will find plenty to inform their minds and entertain their palates at the fourth annual Napa Truffle Festival…

Trufflemaniacs prepare for 4th Annual Napa Truffle (Dec 2013)
I don’t know about you, but I always thought it was criminal that the 12 days of Christmas don’t include a gift of truffles…If your sig other is any sort of foodie and you haven’t picked out the big gift yet, there’s still time to score tickets…

Edible Marin & Wine Country (Dec 2013-Jan 2014)
…This price pressure on local supply creates an opportunity for new (truffle)
cultivators to enter the truffle market. Enter Northern California’s wine country, where truffles are slowly establishing an agricultural toehold…

…the exotic, erotic ‘black diamond’ truffle
shared facts and predictions about this exotic culinary offering at the next Napa Truffle Festival
Cuisine Noir Magazine (Dec 2013)
…Meanwhile, forget the truffle oil. Go get yourself a truffle. According to Napa chef Ken Frank, one of the best ways to showcase the flavor of fresh truffle is with eggs. Whole fresh eggs stored in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours in a tightly sealed jar with a fresh truffle become infused with an incredible amount of truffle perfume...

For the foodies and adventure-seekers in your life
Gastronomique En Vogue (Dec 2013)
Want to really impress the foodies and adventure-seekers in your life? Then get them the ultimate holiday gift: truffles! Not the chocolate kind, the real thing: black Périgord truffles (aka “black diamonds”)…

Truffles in California Wine Country?
YES! (very soon)

Napa Valley Life (Nov 2013)
The remarkable science behind black truffle cultivation…(Robert Chang and Dr. Paul Thomas)
are on a mission to bring these rare an elusive fungi to the forefront of global farming…

Truffle Festival coming to Napa Valley
Just how “gourmet” are you?
Sacramento Bee, Allen Pierleoni (Nov 2013)
If you say “very,” then you should know about the Napa Truffle Festival…the star of the show is the black truffle, a treasured ingredient in haute cuisine and one of the most precious ingredients in the global marketplace…

Truffles in California Wine Country?
Yes! Very soon…
San Francisco Cuisine (2013-14)
The demand for European black truffles, the most sought after truffles in the culinary world, far exceeds supply…

The fourth annual Napa Truffle Festival brings together world-renowned chefs and experts on truffle science…
Gayot (Sept 2013)

The Fungus Among Us
The truffle trend is coming to a vineyard near you
Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Sarah Doyle (April 2013)
Thanks to new technology—which allows young oak and chestnut tree roots to be inoculated with black truffle spores—several U.S. wine producers are planting the tasty tuber melanosporum alongside their Pinot and Cab…“We’re definitely on the verge of a very significant trend.”

Are Truffles the Next Big Napa Crop?
NapaPatch, Mike Treleven (Feb 2013)
The Perigord, a favorite mushroom among chefs, is a black truffle variety, that fetches $700-$1,200 per pound…Napa Valley could see its first harvest in two years…

2013 Napa Truffle Festival Recap
Gayot, Barb Rybicki (Feb 2013)
…Eating and drinking is typically the chief goal of most Wine Country festivals, but this one was as much about inspiring would-be growers…During the course of the festival, we encountered curious farmers, couples scheming retirement around truffle growing, and food geeks. The American Truffle Co adeptly fielded their hardball questions on topics ranging from soil pH and calcium level minutiae, to financial projections and risks….

Highlights of Napa Truffle Festival 2013
AIWF (Winter/Spring 2013)
Over 500 weekend attendees joined in the fun, science and culinary creations of the rare and delectable black truffle…

Truffles for Locavores?
KQED Bay Area Bites, Maria Finn (Jan 2013)
There is no food on earth that inspires obsession like edible wild mushrooms and the Holy Grail of these are truffles. Out of the thousands of species, two are prized above all others: the white truffle (Alba madonna)
and the black Périgord truffle….cost more per ounce than many narcotics. They are auctioned off in markets in France and Italy or traded in back alleys…then shipped to chefs around the world…

Truffles in America
(video stream)
Stark Insider with Loni Stark (Jan 2013)
I speak with Chef Ken Frank (La Toque)
, Michael Tusk (Quince)
, Nicola Chessa (Valentino)
, and Marco Gubbieotti (La Bastiglia, Italy)
[along with Robert Chang, Dr. Paul Thomas, Rob Sinskey, Colman Andrews and more)
to glean as much information as possible about how truffles are influencing the country’s top chefs…

Here’s what to expect

A Cover-Up in Napa
Stark Insider, Clinton Stark (Jan 2012)
…I discovered a large cover-up in Napa. It involves rare and expensive goods. One of the main perps appears to be operating out of Robert Sinskey Vineyards. The owner — who himself looks like a ringleader if you ask me — would only say, “Hopefully we’ll have a truffle while my dogs are still on this planet to dig up a few.”…

The Kerfuffle Over the Truffle Napa’s next gold rush also delivers a head rush
Wine & Dine Magazine, Maria Finn (Jan 2013)
…Chang likens the opportunity to vineyard owners who started growing olive trees, or even Robert Mondavi, who first saw the potential for grapes in the Napa valley. The American Truffle Company sells young oak and hazelnut trees whose roots have been inoculated with black and burgundy truffles…

Will Bay Area Chefs Soon Have Local Truffles?
7×7, Courtney Humiston (Jan 2013)
…the American Truffle Company, an international research and for-profit cultivation company based in San Mateo, proposed that Napa isn’t just a great place to grow grapes, it’s good for truffles as well…

Truffles Anyone?
(video stream)
A Million Cooks Inc, Diane DeFilipi (Jan 2013)
Wait until you see the feast laid before us…

World’s most expensive food the focus at Napa Truffle Festival, Wanda Hennig (Jan 2013)
Sooner rather than later and most likely within the next three years, when you order a truffle dish in the United States — a famous “black diamond” Périgord truffle dish, which now requires your truffles to be flown in from Italy — the truffles will have been locally grown and harvested

Romancing the Exotic, Erotic “Black Diamond” Truffle
Cuisine Noir, Wanda Hennig (Jan 2013)
Sooner rather than later and most likely within the next three years, when you order a truffle dish in the United States — a famous “black diamond” Périgord truffle dish, which now requires your truffles to be flown in from Italy — the truffles will have been locally grown and harvested

Truffles in Wine Country?
The Daily Meal, Colman Andrews (Jan 2013)
We’re standing in a truffle orchard on a tract of hilly vine-covered property owned by Robert Sinskey Vineyards in the Carneros region… Sheep cluster in the shade in one field and around us are plots planted with grape varieties … but at our feet, literally, are the roots of young trees that may one day produce a treasure more often associated with southwestern France and Provence: Tuber melanosporum, the black Périgord truffle, one of the world’s great gastronomic rarities.

Wild about truffles
Exquise – Karina Calayag (Jan 2013)
…Truffles, the subterranean mushroom variety, have for centuries been among the most coveted gastronomic delicacy all over Europe and, more recently, in the US…

When it comes to truffles, more is more
Exquise – Karina Calayag (Jan 2013)

Truffles anyone?
Berkshire Beacon (Jan 2013)

Seasoning & Salt
(Jan 2012)
What a whirlwind! … we spoke with many fascinating people over truffles and wine…and now we will cover Saturday’s dinner and Sunday’s lunch…

It’s a great truffle crop after early wet winter…
Chicoer Enterprise – Nancy Lindahl (Jan 2013)
…celebrates the season with chefs, wild mushroom forays, truffle hunts, special menus and wine pairings from participating restaurants and wineries serving truffle infused dishes…

Third Annual Napa Truffle Festival continues
Sacramento Bee, Al Pierleoni (Jan 2013)
…On Sunday, we caught the truffle festival luncheon at the Beringer winery…There, Michelin star-winning guest chef Nico Chessa of Valentino Restaurant delivered a cooking demo…He and winery chef Maurine Sarjeant masterminded the four-course menu. Each dish paired with a different Beringer reserve wine … Of course, everything was topped with shavings of black truffles…

Must-Try Black Truffle Dishes
ZAGAT (Jan 2013)
While some folks were shredding it up on black-diamond slopes up in Tahoe this past holiday weekend, funghi fanatics were getting their thrill tracking down black diamonds of any entirely different sort – the edible kind – at the annual Napa Valley Truffle Festival…

Wild Mushroom Foraging
Petaluma Argus Courier/Bucket List Journey, Annette White (Jan 2013)
When a mushroom foraging excursion was offered by the Napa Truffle Festival, I quickly booked a spot for a memorable hunting excursion…Much like an underground rave, the location was not disclosed until the day before the hunt…

 Enthusiasts prepare for the 3rd Annual Napa Truffle Festival
Napa Valley Register, Rosemarie Kempton (Jan 2013)
Truffles, the rare and delectable fungi — not to be confused with the chocolate candy that shares their name — have been shrouded in myth and mystery for 4,000 years

Chefs preview truffle dishes at Toutsuite Social Club
Napa Valley Register (Jan 2013)
…Frank is passionate about the truffles. His restaurant [La Toque], which features a truffle menu, will host the upcoming Napa Truffle Festival later this month…

(Jan 2013)
Truffle freaks and their friends are gearing up for the 3rd annual Napa Truffle Festival next weekend. While Perigord truffles will be eaten in the headliner meal prepared by [Michelin starred chefs], American Truffle Company will lead several discussions about cultivating truffles in America. Sorry ‘shroom hunters, the foraging trip is already sold out.

Truffle cultivation with Robert Chang of American Truffle Company and Rob Sinskey
of Robert Sinskey Vineyards. Toutsuite Social Club (Jan 2013)
– video stream
Catch Chefs Ken Frank/La Toque and Dominic Orsini/Silverado Cellars in action:

Cooking with the Chefs of the Napa Valley Truffle Festival!
Toutsuite Social Club (Jan 2013)

Hear what Dr. Paul Thomas and Robert Chang of the American Truffle Company have to say about the science and business of truffle cultivation, plus meet Bill Collins and his truffle dog Rico.

sactown magazine
/the weekender Napa Truffle Festival (Nov/Dec 2012)
Indulgence is on the menu at this celebration of the rare black truffle, where you can enjoy gourmet lunches hosted by Silver Oak and Beringer wineries…Extend your Martin Luther King weekend until Monday, when Oxbow Public Market fills up with treats like truffle pizza and truffle enchiladas.

Wine country jaunt: Napa Truffle Festival in January
S. Irene Virbila/Daily Scoop,
Los Angeles Times
(Nov 2012)
If, like me, you haven’t cottoned to the fact that…December starts in just over a week, listen up. If you’re planning on a wine country trip in January, the Napa Truffle Festival is coming up…The festival celebrates Tuber melanosporum, the winter Périgord black truffle (not to be confused with the much less pungent and pricy summer truffle)…

The Primal Appeal of Fresh Truffles
Chef Ken Frank/La Toque,
There is simply no other food to rival the fresh truffle. I have yet to find words to easily describe the aroma and flavor of truffle. It’s intoxicating, both subtle and powerful at the same time. Truffle has an appeal that is almost primal…

Cabernet Season in Legendary Napa Valley
Visit Napa Valley (2012-2013)
From late fall through April, when harvest is complete and the new vintage’s wines are barrel aging in caves and cellars, it’s officially Cabernet Season in the Napa Valley…

Truffles: The Most Expensive Food in the World

truffle mania
60 Minutes
(January 2012)

KQED ‘Stand Up Gourmet’ film crew at work
KQED ‘Stand Up Gourmet’ film crew at work

Robert Chang talks truffles…
Toutsuite Social Club (Dec 2012)
Get an overview of the 2012 Napa Truffle Festival plus truffle cultivation with Robert Chang, Managing Director of American Truffle Company…

Enthusiasts prepare for the 3rd Annual Napa Truffle Festival
Napa Valley Register (Jan 2013)
Truffles, the rare and delectable fungi — not to be confused with the chocolate candy that shares their name — have been shrouded in myth and mystery for 4,000 years

Gourmet meals and premium wines…
Al Pierleoni,
Sacramento Bee
(Oct 2012)
…Now there’s a window of opportunity to do some foraging of your own – and eat some truffled treasures – by joining the truffle cognoscenti at the third annual Napa Truffle Festival, North America’s premier truffle event…

…Featuring black truffles, cultivation and culinary programs, leading truffle scientists, a truffle orchard excursion and epicurean marketplace, fabulous food and wine pairings, and world-famous Michelin Star chefs…
…will again showcase the venerated black winter Périgord truffle: tuber melanosporum (aka black diamond)
, while bringing together a unique gathering of leading truffle cultivation experts…

The Napa Truffle Festival comes back for a third act
Julie Santiago,
SF Examiner
(Oct 2012)
…Join in the fun, science and culinary adventure in pursuit of the rare and delectable black truffle…which will be…feasted upon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

12 Essential Fall/Winter Food Festivals Around the World…
Food Republic
(Oct 2012)
…Some of the best chefs in the world…join the most experienced “truffle experts and scientists”…Get dirty learning how to forage for mushrooms, browse the expansive artisan Marketplace or kick your feet back and feast on a truffle-based dinner prepared by Michelin-starred chefs…

Topic and taste of truffles cultivates annual event…
Charlene Peters,Taste of Travel
(July 2012)
…Rico doesn’t need to work, but he can’t help it. He comes from a long lineage of “truffle hunters” from Italy – dogs who consider sniffing out truffles as playtime…

truffle mania … Boon or Boondoggle?
Marilyn LaRocque,LUXURY Las Vegas
(July 2012)
…demand for these ugly diamonds in the dirt is insatiable; supply, miniscule…[at] the Napa Truffle Festival…Robert Chang, managing director of the American Truffle Company, enlightened would-be truffle growers about the Midas touch needed to turn truffles into gold while Michelin-starred chefs elevated the truffle to epicurean heights…

The economics of truffle cultivation
Cary Shott,
Weekly Calistogan/St Helena Star
(April 2012)
Each year, more vintners are adding truffle orchards to their vineyard properties and many more are giving the idea serious consideration…

Truffles are the most profitable legal crop in the world…
Napa County Farm Bureau:
Grower Advocate
(Spring 2012)
…Successful truffle yield depends on cultivation techniques, as well as high quality inoculated trees…

10 Things You Need To Know About Truffles
Mary Orlin,
(Jan 2012)
I spent the MLK holiday weekend in Napa Valley at the 2nd annual

Napa Truffle Festival
(I know, tough job right?)…Here are some facts and some myths to debunk regarding these ugly, knobby but intoxicating balls…

World Class Cuisine meets Cutting Edge Truffle Science
Tim Polk,
Gastronomique en Vogue
…whisper “black gold” to serious food and wine fanatics and you’ll receive a different answer: truffles. Perhaps no other food evokes such reverence, passion, or mystery…

Black truffles: the beautiful ugly fruit
Cate and Luke Shanahan, Stock Report-Napa Valley Register
(Jan 2012)
Ah, the sensuous stink of the black truffle! As we took our seats at the Robert Mondavi Vineyard Room, the aroma of the bowl of black truffles on the front table radiated out with such intensity you could almost see it. It filled the room…

Much Ado About Truffles at the Napa Truffle Festival Marketplace!
Diane De Filipi,
Let’s Go Cook Italian
(Jan 2012)

Napa Truffle Festival a feast of food, wine and science
Sacramento Bee
(Jan 2012)
A truffle is a type of mushroom that grows underground…Dogs commonly are used by Italian and French truffle-hunters to help locate them in the wild…That info and so much more was part of the second annual Napa Truffle Festival…Yes, the third annual festival is a year off, but from what we saw and tasted, we’re marking our calendars now.

Napa Truffle Festival Kick Off
Edgar Solis,
(Jan 2012)
…started as a sold out event…

The Science of Truffles with Robert Chang of the American Truffle Company and Rico the Truffle Dog…
(Jan 2012)

Chefs of the Napa Truffle Festival: Cornu, Mosher and Frank
Napa Valley Register
(Jan 2012)

Truffle fans gathering in Napa this weekend for second annual Truffle Festival

Rooting for Flavor
Many of us find it hard to swallow that one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the world is rooted from underground hideouts by pigs and dogs…

Preview: Napa Truffle Festival & Restaurant Month
(Jan 2012)
January in Napa Valley … brings with it Napa’s 2nd Annual Truffle Festival…a celebration of the world’s most expensive fungi at “America’s premier truffle event.”…

Well, ya got truffles, right here in Napa city
San Francisco Chronicle
(Jan 2012)
The coveted Périgord black truffle will be the star of the second annual Napa Truffle Festival. Celebrated chefs and former Bon Appetit Editor in Chief Barbara Fairchild, along with truffle cultivation experts and scientists – and let us not forget the faithful truffle dogs – will be on hand to demystify the delectable fungus…

The Sosh Insider
(Jan 2012)
Gourmands and intended truffle growers alike will find a bounty of activities throughout the festival to satisfy their craving and curiosity for the flavor and knowledge of one of the world’s most prized and delectable fungi…

Napa Truffle Festival dinner to feature 5 Michelin-starred chefs
Gayle Keck,
SF Restaurant News Examiner
(Dec 2011)
Ladies and gentlemen, start your pigs! Though these days, it’s more likely that truffle-hunting dogs would be used to track down the elusive, coveted fungi. But truth be told, you’ll likely have no trouble sniffing out the mountain of truffles at the Napa Truffle Festival …

A Tale of Two Truffle Festivals
Brandon Hartley,
Goodlife Report
(Dec 2011)
There are beer and wine festivals. There are Renaissance festivals. But truffle festivals? Those are a bit more rare in the United States and can be as tough to track down as the famous fungus itself…

Napa Truffle Festival
California Fairs, Festivals and Events
(Dec 2011)
An amazing weekend of scrumptious delights starring the truffle…provides truffle lovers the opportunity to enjoy the delectable treat along with the great wines of the nation’s top viticultural area. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the truffle with cooking demos, cultivation programs, and orchard tours…

3 Truffle Festivals to Kick Off 2012
Nicole Campoy-Leffler,
The Daily Meal
(Dec 2011)
Ok, so we are supposed to start the new year with reflection, dieting, and not indulging. But what better way to make sure a year starts off right than by breathing in the familiar, to-die-for scent of a truffle?…

Second Annual Napa Truffle Festival
California Agricultural Tourism
(Dec 2011)
The American Truffle Company
returns … bringing together two complementary aspects of European truffles: the best chefs in the world known for their truffle cuisine, and the best truffle scientists in the world recognized for their expertise and data on truffle cultivation…

Featured Event!
Touring & Tasting Online Grapevine
(Dec 2011)
The venerated black truffle will be discussed, examined, probed, demonstrated, prepared, and finally feasted upon for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Meet leading truffle experts and scientists, luminaries from the food and wine world, and internationally-renowned Michelin Star Chefs…

Big Time Truffle Time
(Dec 2011)
Save some cash to feed the addiction, because the second annual

happens January 13th-16th at the Westin Verasa. Judging by the program schedule, the sequel looks to be just as exciting as the original

Second Annual Napa Truffle Festival
Janice Nieder,
(Dec 2011)
Calling all truffle lovers! In case you’re not aware of it, there’s a new truffle kid in town. No longer will you have to spend endless hours, not to mention beaucoup bucks, flying to France or Italy for your truffle fix. The Napa Truffle Festival is returning (bigger and better than ever) for a repeat performance, which will include everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and taste) about Truffles: cooking classes, orchard tours, culitvation programs, how to pair with wines, and a multitude of scumptious meals culminating in a grand multi-course Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque. There will even be some truffle dogs attending. Just to whet your taste buds, here are my notes from last year’s inaugural event…

Interview: (Chef) David Kinch
Loni Kao Stark, Stark Insider
(Nov 2011)
My most memorable Kinch experience was at the Napa Truffle Festival. Ken Frank hosted a super-star Michelin Chefs dinner (lustworthy)
at his out-of-this-world La Toque restaurant in Napa…

Anthony Licciardi–KGO AM 810 & KSFO 560 AM
(November 2011)
Anthony is joined by Robert Chang, Managing Director of American Truffle Company, and Patricia Wells, author of “Simply Truffles.”

TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE – Truffles Are Mushrooming in the Napa Valley
John Blanchette—Creative Syndicate
(November 2011)
“If I can’t have too many truffles, I’ll do without truffles” — Colette All right, it was decadent, self-indulgent, over the top and a bit expensive, but it was one of the greatest culinary weekends of my life — the Annual Truffle Festival in California’s Napa Valley, organized by the American Truffle Co. Six Michelin-starred chefs with a nose for truffles had been gathered from around the world, invited by Ken Frank of La Toque at the Westin Verasa Hotel to cater a monumental feast. Chef Frank is a champion of the truffle and is one of the chefs most responsible for the rise of California/French-influenced menus in the 1970s…

Glorious Gift Getaways For Gourmands and Oenophiles
Linda Lang–Westlake Magazine
(Nov/Dec 2011)
Looking for that perfect gift?…A gift of travel is a great way to start the New Year with dreams and expectations…For discerning gourmands, wine lovers, and growers, the second annual Napa Truffle Festival will feature an interesting gathering of leading truffle cultivation experts and scientists, food and wine experts, and internationally-renowned chefs…

Extravagance Unleashed – Luxury’s 2011 Gift Guide
Holiday Gift Guide–Luxury Las Vegas
(November 2011)
There’s nothing more energizing than the promise of what the gift giving season beholds…But this season our extravagance exgtends beyond material gifts. We have curated quite a few adventures that offer the timeless gift of memories…and for the foodies we offer the Napa Truffle Festival…

Truffle Festival, Part Deux
Hedonism Ink
(September 2011)
You see? We are not alone in our truffle depravity. There is in fact a long and glorious tradition of truffle worship, culminating in the Napa Truffle Festival and its wonderland of earthy delights… The Second annual Napa Truffle Festival…
Sally’s Place–

The Daily Dish
(August 2011)

napa truffle love
Amy Reiley–
(July 2011)
We’re feeling a burning hungerto visit Napa in January. And we think the program for the second annual Napa Truffle Festival will have you lusting for a little Wine Country, too. The event promises to celebrate one of the world’s finest aphrodisiacs Michelin Star style with an absurdly decadent truffle dinner featuring four Michelin starred chefs…also includes seminars, winery lunches and a truffle orchard tour. Hungry? …

Truffle Dreams
Jill Hunting–North Bay Biz
(July 2011)
The allure of – and demand for – truffles may bring another agricultural boom to California …

Black truffles: “Eat us and praise the Lord”
Patti Pietschmann–LA Travel Diva Examiner
(July 2011)
Calling all Los Angeles foodies to save the date for the Napa Truffle Festival–a tasty event starring the most glorious edible fungus in the garden, the black truffle, that attracts gourmets, gastronomes, epicureans and just plain mushroom eaters…The Festival includes LA’s very own Barbara Fairchild…

Arizona Daily Star,

US tries growing European delicacy
(Matt Andrejcakk)
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Staycation Specials
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You can enjoy truffles without going to Europe
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Truffle Feast at Truffle Fest
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Dig This: It’s Truffle Festival Time in Napa Valley
(Rosemary McClure)
– Dec 9, 2010 (also ran in the Chicago Tribune)
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Travel Calendar
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European Truffles coming to Carneros
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All About Truffles
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A Truffling Matter
(Betty Teller/Amuse Bouche)
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Worth the Drive
(Alysia Gray Painter)
– Dec 6, 2010 Sacramento Bee

Inaugural Truffle Festival will be an ode to the unique
– Nov 24, 2010 Sacramento Bee (Potluck)

Napa Truffle Festival
– Dec 8, 2010 San Antonion Express-News-Hearst, Through the Grapevine: Lift Your Spirits at These Festivals
(Jennifer McInnis – Sept 1, 2010 San Francisco Chronicle

What’s New: Where to buy and taste truffles
(Kelly Rae Hickman)
– Nov 28, 2010 Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Marquee chefs gather in Napa to celebrate truffles
– Nov 29, 2010 Wines & Vines

Are Truffles an Alternative to Grapes
(Paul Franson)
– Dec 14, 2010

Quarterly Review of Wines
, Summer 2011 Jezebel magazine, November 2010 Cheese Connoisseur, Foraging for Fungi (Janet Eastman)
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Diablo magazine,

Ten Reasons to celebrate the holidays and beyond in the Napa Valley
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iWine Radio
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Dining Around with Gene Burns
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Pheromone-Rich Truffles Take Root in U.S. With Dogs’ Help
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Chef’s Connection
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Truffle Cultivation is Green Agriculture
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Truffle Tasting in Napa
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Girlfriend Getaways
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Napa Truffle Festival Recap
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Napa Truffle Festival
(Mika Takeuchi)
– Nov 10, 2010 The Food Pilot,

Wine Country Celebrates Black Truffles
– Nov 12, 2010

Napa Truffle Festival
– Nov 9, 2010 Gratitude Gourmet,

Truffle Diamonds & Innovation at the Napa Truffle Festival
(Mary Vincent)
– Dec 16, 2010 Grub Street San Francisco,

A Truffle Festival in Napa
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Snuffling Towards the Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival… – Dec 6, 2010 Huffington Post,

‘Tis the Season: 11 American Restaurants That Feature Fresh Truffles
(Dr. Irene S. Levine)
– Dec 18, 2010
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Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival : A Must For True Foodies!
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Make Time to Attend the Inaugural Truffle Festival in Napa this Weekend
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Lifestyles Matters
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Can America’s truffle industry take root?
(Matt Andrejczak)
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Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet Newsletter
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The American Truffle Company Introduces the Inaugural Napa Truffle
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Michelin Guide to Napa Truffle Festival
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Truffle in Paradise: Chefs Celebrate the Magic of Mushrooms
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Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival
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Napa Truffle Festival—World Class Cuisine Meets Cutting Edge Science
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Sound Bite of the Day: Chef David Kinch—Manresa
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Want to explore Napa right? Destroy a pair of shoes
– Dec 13, 2010

StarkInsider, Lustworthy: 13 Michelin Star Truffle Dinner
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Scent of a truffle
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Foodinistas Can’t Wait for Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival
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Experience the Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival
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A Decisive Year for Wine
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Celebrate the Great American Truffle
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Wine for Truffle Season
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Mycorrhizal Organizations

Mycorrhizal Systems, Ltd.
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Yahoo Group, Napa Truffle Festival

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