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    • Adding the finishing touch -- chopped truffles -- to the cappuccino

      Truffles & Wine Dinner Wow Diners

      Four Michelin-starred chefs shared the kitchen at La Toque January 17, to prepare the annual Truffles and Wine Dinner, the centerpiece of the Napa Truffle Festival. La Toque executive chef/owner Ken Frank was joined in his restaurant kitchen by festival guest chefs Rick Tramonto, Stefano Ciotti and David Barzelay, with […]

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    • Guests dine by candlelight in Merryvale's Cask Room

      Truffle Lunch at Merryvale Delights

      Merryvale Vineyard’s Cask Room, lined with 100-year-old handmade 1,800-gallon barrels, was the spectacular setting for the Saturday Winery Truffle Lunch at the 2016 Napa Truffle Festival. The beauty of the setting was matched by the exquisite four-course Truffle Lunch prepared by chef David Barzelay, chef/owner of Lazy Bear in San Francisco’s […]

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    • Ca'Momi demo

      Truffles Celebrated at Marketplace at Oxbow

      Truffles were celebrated as the tantalizing aroma of truffles drifted through Oxbow Public Market on the final day of the 2016 Napa Truffle Festival, drawing the throngs at the annual Festival Marketplace to the truffle dishes on the menus of the market’s many eateries. From a special pappardelle dish at […]

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    • All About Truffles Seminar

      Truffles vs. Truffle Oil

      If your only introduction to truffles has been through truffled popcorn, French fries, mac ‘n’ cheese or pizza, you may be upset to discover that you have never tasted a truffle at all. Those dishes were almost certainly made with so-called “truffle oil” or “truffle salt” — which are basically […]

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    • Chef Ken Frank Napa Truffle Festival

      Ken Frank on Cooking with Truffles

      In the 1970s, when chef Ken Frank was first learning his trade cooking at French restaurants in California, the only truffles available were canned ones. He never even saw a fresh truffle, let alone cooked with one, until 1978. That year, the then-22-year-old chef heard that legendary food importer and […]

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    • truffle_in_studio

      Truffle Cultivation Yields Black Gold

      They call oil black gold. But with today’s sinking oil prices, that nickname more properly belongs to another product found inside the ground: truffles, one of the most valuable food crops in the world. Black Perigord truffles, which ripen in mid-winter, can bring $700 to $1,000 a pound. Summer Burgundy […]

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    • thomas_speech2

      Sex and the Fungus

      Birds do it, bees do it — and it turns out truffles do it too. It’s hard to picture those hard, black lumps having a sex life, but it turns out they do. Dr. Paul Thomas’ illuminating lecture at the Scientific Grower Truffle Cultivation Seminar at the 2016 Truffle Festival […]

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    • chefs_2016

      Meet the 2016 Chefs

      Top row (from left): Chef Ken Frank and Chef David Barzeley Bottom row (from left): Chef Rick Tramonto and Chef Stefano Ciotti What do a former lawyer turned chef of an underground restaurant, an Italian chef who began his career as a teenager, and a well-known restaurateur have in common? […]

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